Our Spring Water

Water that Tastes Great!

The first thing you notice about Tranquil Natural Spring Water is the taste. It tastes great! That’s because all you are tasting is pure spring water. Our water contains no chemicals, pollutants, bacteria or other contaminants.

Where does Tranquil Source it’s Water?

Our water is sourced from protected underground spring surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine national park at Kulnura in NSW.

How is Tranquil’s Water Processed?

Firstly, we start with very pure underground spring water that is brought to Sydney in a special tanker and placed into a custom built holding tank.

Prior to bottlling, the water goes through a comprehensive microfiltration and ozonation process which ensures that the water is pure and bacteria free. In fact, the ozonation process also kills any bacteria that may be present in the bottle.

The end result to you is pure, healthy, great tasting natural spring water.

What is in the Tranquil Water?

Our bottled spring water contains no bromate, which is a naturally occurring substance sometimes found in spring water. Bromate can react with ozone used in the sanitising process, causing nausea and diarrhoea.

Our water is low sodium (salt) and contains:

Typical Analysis (Mg/L):
Sodium 3.7 Potassium 1.7
Chloride 5.3 Calcium 10
Bicarbonate 3.00 Iron 0.5
Magnesium 8.5 Fluoride 0.1
Total Dissolved Solids 60 PH 6.7

A full AGAL report is available on request.

Why Tranquil Spring Water?

There are many reasons for why you should choose Tranquil Spring Water, here’s just ten:

  1. Our bottled spring water tastes great
  2. We deliver when you are home -week nights and weekends (home customers only)
  3. If you run out of water, just call us and we’ll drop another bottle around
  4. We deliver free
  5. You only pay for the water – there is no equipment to buy
  6. There are no contracts – you only take the water you need
  7. Our water is great value
  8. It’s very pure and bacteria free
  9. If you refer a new customer, you will receive $50 credit on your account
  10. Our delivery service is extremely reliable