Options for bottled water coolers


Looking at your options for bottled water coolers? Your cup will run over with benefits. Bottled water coolers place cool pure hydration at your fingertips on demand. No matter whether you are at home or in the office. What a terrific way to proactively foster better health and wellness in your family or workforce. But different people have different needs when it comes to bottled water coolers. So you need a supplier who gives you all the choice, convenience and quality that you need. Here the choice becomes clear: Tranquil Water. 

You will find that Tranquil Water has an impressive range of bottled water coolers that other suppliers find hard to beat. So you can be assured that there will be a bottled water cooler that matches your needs. Choose from handy cold and cool or hot and cold tap configurations. You even have freedom to buy, rent or short-term hire bottled water coolers. Rest easy about the quality of all Tranquil Water bottled water coolers too. Because every rented cooler comes covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty and servicing. Or, if you prefer to buy your cooler, you’ll have a one year warranty as peace if mind. 

Tranquil Water pricing is as pure as the H2O they provide. All prices on bottled water coolers are GST inclusive. All you need do is commit to a minimum order of two bottles a month. Found bottled water coolers at a lower cost than that offered by Tranquil Water? You won’t have to compromise quality and convenience just to get a better price. Because Tranquil Water will beat all competitor prices on comparative bottled water coolers. 

So what bottled water options does Tranquil Water give you to choose from? Almost all coolers hold your choice of 11L or 15L bottles and delivery is absolutely free. Be prepared to be excited by a range including:

  • Sleek white steel cooler featuring easy clean functionality 
  • Robust titanium cooler teamed with a smart aqua bottle 
  • Tall, slim and sophisticated steel cooler ideal for home or office
  • Compact white bench top cooler for when space is a consideration
  • Contemporary ceramic benchtop dispenser in your choice of pink or blue. Perfect for home and remember to ask about novelty dispenser shape options too

When it comes to bottled water coolers, Tranquil Water is a stroke of brilliance. Order your cooler today by calling (02) 9556 1866 or place your order online 24/7.