5 new reasons to drink bottled water


It is a well known fact that the human body needs water in order to survive, so it makes perfect sense to provide it with enough liquid nourishment to thrive, not just simply survive.

Drinking enough water is something that some people struggle with, however when they learn these five benefits, their motivation to drink pure bottled water is increased.

1. Glowing skin

Drinking plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day, improves the texture and appearance of your skin. Hydrated skin is plump, which smooths out fine lines and makes you appear younger. Also, the elasticity is improved, so you stay looking younger and healthier for longer.

2. Boosted immune system

If you reach for water instead of juice, fizzy drinks or smoothies, you’ll save on calories as well as avoid nasty preservatives, additives, sugar and fats. Keeping clear of these will mean your immune system fires on all cylinders.

3. Less headaches

The source of many headaches is dehydration. Avoid this by drinking clean and clear purified bottled water, delivered to your door by our friendly Tranquil Water delivery drivers.

4. Good digestion

Water helps the body flush out toxins and digestion is helped along by having a really hydrated system. This means you’ll feel less bloated and more comfortable.

5. Happiness

So you’ve got glowing skin, your immune system is keeping you well, you don’t have a headache and your body is feeling comfortable – your happiness levels must be through the roof! That’s right, drinking water tastes great and makes you happy.

Ready to feel better and happier today? Get in touch with the bottled water delivery experts, Tranquil Water, and have fresh water delivered to your home or office.