Best price for bottled water guaranteed


What tastes better than pristine bottled water? Discount water bottles from Tranquil Water offer the most tantalizing drop you will find. Not only because Tranquil Water sources its bottled water from the pure springs of Kulnara National Park in NSW. But also because Tranquil Water will match or better the price of any other spring water companies across Australia. That means you need never pay too much for bottled water again.

As a bottled water aficionado you have many spring water companies to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual quencher, event organiser or office manager – there are plenty of bottled water supply options at your fingertips. Tranquil Water is one of Australia’s leading bottled water providers of choice – and not just for price point alone.

Our discount water bottles offer a host of drink-worthy benefits including:

  • Purity: without exception our bottled water contains no chemicals, pollutants, bacteria or contaminants
  • Homegrown quality: Tranquil Water is a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated spring water company
  • Safety: not only does our bottled water undergo an intensive microfiltration and ozonation process but it is also bromate-free – that means no risk of nausea or diarrhoea sometimes caused by this naturally occurring substance
  • No add-ons: whether you choose our discount bottled water or water coolers, you pay only for the water. There are no equipment charges and no contracts. So you only pay for the bottled water you need.

Discount water bottles are handy, healthy hydration – and Tranquil Water is committed to ensuring you get the best deal possible, every time. So if you find lower comparable bottled water pricing offered by other spring water companies, please let us know. We will be pleased to price match or beat that pricing so you can enjoy all the benefits of Tranquil Water without paying a premium.

In a nutshell, our price match policy is your guarantee that you can always enjoy the best possible bottled water at the best possible price.