Bottled water and coolers for office water


Bottled water has consistently been a popular choice among Australian offices for decades. It’s convenient, refreshing, and if you choose Tranquil Water products, it’s also environmentally-friendly. Regardless of the season, office workers spend most of their time in artificially-controlled climates. Cooling and heating are equally as drying, so in the office, bottled water is virtually a necessity.

Tranquil Water prides itself on its wide range of products. Office bottled water is a smart solution for health-conscious workplaces. Our products are:

  • environmentally sustainable
  • healthy and pure (BPA-free)
  • aesthetically pleasing (available in a range of colours)
  • convenient and simple to use
  • cost-effective (we guarantee to beat our competitors’ prices).

The option of bottled water hire means that your workplace can ensure reliable and quenching refreshment for employees. Give your workers a reason to look up from their computer screen and stretch their legs. A quenching cup of water, handily dispensed from the convenient cup holder, can do wonders for energy and morale.

In a large office, bottled water is an excellent option. Tranquil Water’s numerous size options include 11L and 15L bottles, as well as 1.5L and 600ml products. In a smaller office, bottled water hire is still an ideal choice. The lightweight bottles mean that office bottled water can be reloaded by any employee. The right bottled water hire option for your workplace is waiting for you at Tranquil Water. We understand how busy and expensive office administration can be, so our delivery is 100% free!

Bottled water hire is a wise choice for Australian workplaces. In the office, bottled water is a simple, budget-friendly and efficient option. Ensure refreshment, vitality and convenience for your employees and clients. Contact Tranquil Water now on (02) 9556 1866 for more details, or for information on our amazing special offers.