Bottled water health benefits in Winter


Enjoy a healthy winter romance with spring water company, Tranquil Water. Now admittedly bottled water is not usually one of the first thoughts that springs to mind when contemplating colder weather. Thoughts usually turn more towards cozy heaters and open fires, steaming mugs of coffee or hot chocolate plus snuggling into toasty slippers. But with winter come many not so welcome ‘woolies’ like colds, flu and persistent sniffles. Here is where bottled water is the ace up your snugly rugged up sleeve. Because staying hydrated is crucial to your health and wellbeing over the chilly months.

Get to know your sturdy spring water company

Remember being fascinated as a child by the steam you could breathe out of your mouth when the temperature gauge fell? Perhaps this still does tickle your fancy. But what you likely have not realised is that you are breathing out water vapour – which contributes to winter dehydration. Breath out steam then drink up bottled water and you’ll stop dehydration in its tracks.

But steamy breathing is not your only winter foe. Your body is wired to lock heat into your body to regulate your inner temperature. So your blood vessels naturally constrict when chilly weather descends. As a result, your blood pressure rises and you need to visit the bathroom more often as your body automatically works to lower pressure. What does that mean? You’ve got it – another dehydration risk.

For these two reasons alone, it is crucial that you get chummy with a reputable spring water company this winter. And when it comes to premium quality in both bottled water and customer service, Tranquil Water is hard to beat. We offer a range of bottled water solutions including:

  • A broad range of bottled water including BPA free bottles, P.E.T polymar plastic formulation and easy handling
  • Water coolers for home or office: so brimming water bottles are always on hand
  • Water trailers for events and functions: so guests can bottle their own water or sip from free flowing filtered taps

Bottled water brilliance

Dehydration can rob you of germ resilience, energy and health during winter when you need these the most. But not when you have bottled water on hand. But the quality of the water in your chosen bottle is just as important as staying hydrated. Tranquil Water is a responsible spring water company dedicated to making hydration and health as simple as sipping. All our bottled water is sourced from the pristine Kulnara National Park on the NSW Central Coast. We are a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated spring water company too. So you can be sure you are enjoying wholly home-grown hydration.

So wing your way through winter with bottled water in hand and health in tact. Contact your local spring water company, Tranquil Water today to stock up on H20.