Bottled Water and the Environment


The bottled water industry is part of the environmental stewardship and container safety solution. We partner with other beverage producers, and environment authorities to encourage and build upon the kerbside recycling infrastructure.

Consumers need to be further educated about recycling and have access to recycling points for collection of all beverage containers and other recyclable goods. To single out bottled water packaging is to ignore the fact that today’s society demands and relies upon packaged food and drinks.

Annual bottled water production accounts for less than 1/100 of a percent (0.01%) of the total ground water withdrawn in Australia & New Zealand each year.

The bottled water industry uses minimal amounts of ground or spring water to produce this important consumer product-and does so with great efficiency. To single out the bottled water industry – from among the thousands of food, beverage and commercial water users – is unfair and just plain wrong.

Misinformed focus of criticism on the bottled water industry does nothing to protect and sustain the nation’s renewable ground water resources. Visit the web site of the Drinking Water Research Foundation for a study summary of the report, “Bottled Water Production in the United States: How Much Ground Water is Actually Being Used?” as an example of the impact of bottled water on ground water supplies in a western society.