Bountiful reasons to buy bottled water


Buy bottled water. Why? Because it makes powerful business sense. Flying a desk and attending to business in the office is thirsty work. Every responsible workplace ensures each staff member and visitor alike has cool fresh safe drinking water at their fingertips at all times. Premium bottled water solutions like those offered by Tranquil Water help to make this mission easy. So if you are looking to buy bottled water, look first to Tranquil Water.

Bottled water ensures:

  • Ensures your team and visitors always have ready access to healthy filtered hydration
  • Prevents illness and health issues arising from impurities, contaminants or other nasties that can often lurk in tap water
  • Greater productivity as hydrated staff enjoy more focus, alertness and sharp innovative thinking. Surely this alone makes it worthwhile to buy bottled water
  • Less downtime as sipping on premium filtered water throughout the day helps to keep staff healthy – so that means fewer sick days.

One of the best way to buy water for your office is in bottled water cooler form. Tranquil Water has a diverse range of coolers that let you buy bottled water in a design, style and configuration that suits your specific office. Our bottled water coolers buy you utmost convenience and value with:

  • Choice of cold and cool or hot and cold tap combos
  • Option to buy, rent or short-term hire bottled water coolers
  • Freedom to select your choice of 11L or 15L bottles
  • Free delivery of your bottled water – always
  • One year warranty when you buy bottled water coolers from Tranquil Water

Would you like yet another reason to buy bottled water for your office? How about the unerring Tranquil Water price match commitment. Should you find you are able to buy bottled water at a cheaper rate than that offered by Tranquil Water, we will price match any competitor on all comparable solutions. So your office will never pay too much to stay hydrated. Visit to learn more.