BPA Free Plastic Bottled Spring Water


We now offer BPA free 15L bottles of water to fit all our water coolers. These bottles are made from special BPA freeP.E.T polymar plastic which imparts no odour or taste.

What exactly is BPA?

BPA is Bisphenol A (“BIS–fen–all A”) and is a chemical used by manufacturers as a building block of polycarbonate plastics. It is used in the lining of some food and beverage packaging to protect food from contamination and extend shelf life.


People are exposed to BPA because small amounts can migrate into food and beverages from containers. There has been some US-based research showing that high exposure to this chemical can be harmful to human health, however there is no definitive data at this stage, as the levels that humans are exposed to are still low via plastic bottles and containers.

If you are worried about BPA exposure then our BPA free bottled water product is a great option for you, your workplace or your family home. All the bottles have handles for easy lifting and fit onto all our water coolers, making them a convenience option and priced at only $1 more than our regular plastic bottles.

Having a water cooler in your home or office is a very environmentally friendly option as you are using much less plastic than individual bottles and our 15L cooler water bottles are refilled with pure spring water many times before being recycled.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to order BPA free bottled water delivery and a water cooler. Call us on 9556 1866 or fill out the enquiry form below.
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