Cheap bottled water: a must-have for winter


Dodging dehydration this winter? Get yourself the watertight ally. Cheap bottled water goes in to bat for you against winter hydration deficiencies. Make no mistake either. Cheap bottled water does not mean the natural goodness and health benefits of H20 are watered down. Far from it when you choose cheap bottled water from Tranquil Water. Every bottle of our Adam’s ale comprises pure natural spring water sourced locally from pristine Kulnara National Park. Not only that, but we offer terrific BPA, odour and chemical free bottle options too. So you can enjoy a truly natural beverage with all water’s natural goodness and no nasties.

Now if you haven’t considered your winter hydration action plan you certainly should. Here are three great reasons to get you inspired. Having a great supply of cheap bottled water handy throughout the colder months will help you:

Stay slim and trim: how about getting through the chilly season without the dreaded ‘winter coat’. One of the famous horrors of summer is having to shed woolly layers that have been hiding extra kgs. Oh certainly those heartwarming hot desserts, steaming mugs of chocolate and other winter goodies go down a treat. Yet we pay for those when warmer times come around don’t we? Particularly as cold weather is enough to keep many of us from going for a run or exercising like we do during summer. Cheap bottled water is a simple cost-effective way to stave off unwanted weight gain during winter. A well hydrated body is more efficient at burning fat stores for energy. Plus you won’t be in danger of confusing thirst for hunger. That means appetite control is one of the great spin-off benefits of drinking that cheap bottled water too.

Stay healthy and well: who is lining up to ‘enjoy’ cramps, muscle fatigue, headaches and more during winter? Not you? Be sure to invest in a ready supply of cheap bottled water then. Dehydration has plenty of unwelcome physical side-effects that will rob you of happy ‘snuggle time’ on the couch with thick warm blankets – or simple enjoyment of your day.

Stay out of the loo: the gents or ladies room is usually a frosty place that you wish to avoid during winter. One of the best ways to do so is to keep up your fluids. Dehydration will send you running to ‘the throne’ more often than usual as shrinking blood vessels increase blood pressure. Your hardworking kidneys kick into blood pressure lowering action by making more pee. That means you’ll spend more time in the smallest coldest room. A much better options is to stay hydrated with cheap bottled water! That way you can stay toasty too.

Ready to win out over dehydration this winter? Cheap bottled water is the way to go. And when it comes to cheap bottled water, nobody does it better than Tranquil Water. Whether you’re looking for a water cooler plus bottle for home or office or individually bottled water. Tranquil Water has you covered. Call (02) 9556 1866 today for cheap bottled water that will help your health without harming your pocket. Or simply order your cheap bottled water online 24/7. Remember, Tranquil Water beats all competitor costs on comparable products too. That clinches you the best and the cheapest bottled water this winter.