Choose your water cooler hire wisely


Water cooler hire: sounds like it would all be much of a muchness doesn’t it? But rest assured that water coolers are not all just the same. At least not at Tranquil Water. Here is a water cooler company that gives you choices galore. So you can rest assured of water cooler hire that matches your requirements – even your style.

Here are the sorts of water cooler hire options that you can expect with Tranquil Water:

  • Hot and cold or cold and cool tap combos
  • Titanium, stainless steel, white or beige – even ceramic bases
  • Bench-top or free-standing, even a built-in friend option
  • A full range of cooler and base heights

So what sort of water cooler are you looking to hire? Do you need a compact yet smart cooler that sits on your benchtop ready to hydrate your family on demand? Or are you a busy business with thirsty staff and a professional image to maintain? Whatever your water cooler hire needs, Tranquil Water is the water cooler company that will see you right. We even offer casual water cooler hire for events or one-off functions.

Besides, water cooler hire is a smart choice for many reasons. For starters, you’ll never run out of water. Plus you can rest easy about your carbon footprint because there’ll be no plastic water bottles hitting landfill.

When it comes to water cooler companies, Tranquil Water pours on even more benefits. Our water cooler hire comes with a lifetime manufacture warranty and servicing – no matter which cooler you pick. We’ll beat all competitor prices to, so you will never overpay for your water cooler hire.

Ready to hire? Call Tranquil Water today on 9556 1866. Don’t forget to ask us about our special offers too. Whether you are a new, existing or returning customer, we make water cooler hire well worth your while.