Custom Drinking Water Trailer For Events


Is your company or brand putting on a large outdoor event and looking for a great fresh drinking water solution?

Tranquil Water has two custom built drinking water trailers for events that simply hook up to any regular tap and instantly filter the water so that it is ready to drink.

Our water trailers have bubblers that your patrons can drink directly from as well as taps where they can fill up reusable water bottles. There are also awnings to keep them shaded while using the trailer.


Why hire a water trailer?

There are many good reasons to rent a water trailer, with the most obvious one being that it is an extremely environmentally option. There is no plastic waste or excess energy usage, and your patrons can bring reusable water bottles from home and fill them up as many times as they like.

The other obvious advantage is that hiring a water trailer is a very affordable option for large crowds. We offer our water trailer for events for a one off fee at a daily rate. We will drive the trailer to your event and set it up for you too.

Our clients include festivals, councils, schools, corporate events and more – so no matter how large or small your event – be sure to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss how we can assist you with your water delivery needs. Call us on (02) 9556 1866 or send us an email via the contact form below.
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