Drink Water when you Drink Alcohol


Does drinking water when you drink alcohol really make a difference? Absolutely – and in more ways than one!

By keeping up your water intake when you drink alcohol you’re not only preventing a nasty hangover, but you’re keeping your body healthy and functioning well.

Alcohol can also be very fattening – particularly beer. If you’re not drinking enough water then all of those carbs could be going straight to your belly because your kidneys and liver aren’t operating as they should.

For those wanting to lose weight, this can be extremely important. What’s the point of going through all that hard work that is weight loss if you’re going to throw it away after a night of drinking? Keep up your bottled water intake and you can drink alcohol and stay healthy and fit – simple as that!

All it takes is to have one glass of water between each alcoholic beverage – simple as that. You’ll feel great in the morning and you won’t need to ruin all the work you’ve done for your weight loss.

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