Drinking Water for Weight Loss


One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to drink more water. If you drink a glass of water an hour before your main meals, you will feel less hungry.

Feel like a snack? Have a large drink of water first and you may find thoughts of a snack are not so attractive after all.

There is another reason that you are likely to lose weight if you drink more water. Many people diet all the time, yet find that they just can’t get rid of that last little paunch. In many cases, if they drink extra water, it will go. Not because they then eat less, but because their body is used to hoarding water and storing it in the body.

If the kidneys are deprived of the amount of water they need to function efficiently, the liver picks up the slack, but that means it cannot do its own job of metabolising fat efficiently. If the liver cannot metabolise the fat in your body to the extent that it should, what happens to that fat? It is stored in your body.

Many people feel that when they drink lots of water, they have to run to the bathroom all the time. This is because their body is actually flushing out the water it has stored in case of ‘drought’. Once the body becomes used to being properly hydrated, this will stop.

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