Drinking water fountains: refreshing


Drinking water trailers are awash with hydration benefits. Wherever there is a crowd there is thirst. So imagine the convenience and green cred of having free flowing drinking water fountains stationed handily at your event, festival or expo. Visitors will delight in being able to sip cool filtered water anytime they wish.

Meanwhile savvy drip trays ensure there is no spillage and resulting muddiness under foot. Best yet – drinking water fountains are all so easy to arrange when they come as part and parcel of a portable water trailer from Tranquil Water.

Simply book one of these multi- tasking drinking water trailers for your next event and you’ll get a host of benefits in a single smart solution. Aside from the five in-built drinking water fountains, you’ll also enjoy easy tow bar transportability, two generous sun awnings and taps that allow thirsty people to fill their own water bottles if they prefer.

Tranquil Water drinking water trailers connect effortlessly to any tap. So just roll the drinking water trailer into your event for the ultimate quench-mobile. They make a great ‘landmark’ for friends to meet at too!

As a key feature of Tranquil Water drinking water trailers, fountains have several standalone boasts like:

  • Free hydration: everyone depends on water for health and indeed survival. So a ready supply of clean filtered water that doesn’t cost event- goers a cent clearly demonstrates your commitment and care with regard to their well being
  • Reduced plastic footprint: forget dependence on environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles. Who needs these when you can gulp refreshing water at your whim
  • Convenience: any event goer who has lost or forgotten their water bottle needn’t go thirsty when there are drinking water fountains on the job
  • Hygiene: what could be more safe and sanitary than ‘hands free’ hydration
  • Socialising: it’s amazing the conversations and friendships struck up by the drinking water fountains! Everyone needs water – so you never know who you’ll meet taking a drink.

No doubt about it, drinking water fountains are the little champions of health, hygiene and hydration. So if you’re organising an event or gathering, order your drinking water trailer with Tranquil Water today. It’s fresh filtered water on wheels and on tap!