Drinking water fountains: the ‘no plastic fantastic’


Meet the fount of true festival finesse. Glorious drinking water fountains ensure festive guests never hit a hydration hitch. They can kick up their heels, soak up the sights and immerse themselves in festivities – all with pristine Australian spring water within easy reach. But while your guests are singing your praises for superbly accessible ‘Adam’s Ale’, the environment will be thanking you too. Because drinking water fountains drown out plastic cups and waste. Reducing your event’s carbon footprint is as easy as festival water hire.

Festival water hire that bids farewell to cups

Drinking clean refreshing spring water cup-free. Now that is cause for celebration. Tranquil Water trailers are custom-built with four handy drinking fountains. Hydration on the hop has never been more environmentally kind.

Festival-goers can drink water straight from the bubbler. So the services of those wasteful plastic cups are no longer required. But don’t worry – guests needn’t tear back to the water trailer every time they need a sip. Armed with their own recyclable drinking bottles they can simply refuel, refill then return to the festival.

Fresh filtered water on tap

Depend on it: Tranquil Water drinking fountains flow first-class H20. Our mobile water trailers connect easily to any tap. Water is then carefully filtered to make a safe refreshing drink.

Festivals and fairs, carnivals and galas, expos and exhibitions – our water trailers offer handy hydration at them all. With built-in drinking water fountains, our trailers are the ultimate refreshment unit for outdoor events. From small intimate celebrations to large-scale extravaganzas, Tranquil Water can answer your needs.

Give us a call on (02) 9556 1866 to discuss your individual needs. Or drop us an email and one of our helpful water trailer hire experts will get back to you in a jiffy.