Event water trailers for all occasions


Water for events? Get yourself the smart solution on wheels. A wonderful event water trailer that allows your visitors to drink direct from four bubbling fountains. Or alternatively thirsty event-goers can “splash and dash” by filling up their own bottles with flawlessly filtered water on the run. Just watch how everyone flocks to the welcome event water trailer oasis.

Water for events rolls in

Responsible event management means providing a steady supply of fresh filtered water for event-goers. Yet events are busy multi-faceted creatures with significant budgetary requirements. So event water must be as cost effective and convenient for event throwers as it is for event goers. Indoor and outdoor events run freely with mobile water trailers on the job. Delivered direct to your event, Tranquil Water trailers connect to any tap and turns on a steady supply of safe scrumptious drinking water. What is more, these event water trailers overflow with smart features like:

  • Instant filtration: event-goers are treated to fresh filtered water thanks to smart filtration systems built into the trailer itself
  • Hygienic drip trays: looking for muddy areas? Just add water. But not with event water trailers on the job. Clever drip trays collect excess water which is directed into convenient collection tanks. Voila, clean dry drinking areas without a spot of mud in sight
  • Shelter from the elements: each side of the event water trailer is shielded from the weather by two large awnings
  • Tow bar transport: water for events is fully portable with a handy trailer. We simply hitch the event water trailer onto the tow bar of a Tranquil Water van. Then we drive it to the exact spot on which you want to supply drinking water at your event. Easy.

Event water trailers when you need them

Planning events can be a 24/7 job. So Tranquil Water works your hours. Give us a call on 02 9556 1866 to discuss your specific needs in terms of water for events. Or book your event water trailer online anytime, anywhere. Event water is easy with Tranquil Water.