Filtered water systems: environmentally friendly


Water is a precious natural resource. But as such, every drop of water processed or consumed impacts our environment. Luckily there are some great ways to balance our human need to drink water with environmental protection. Water trailers are just one example of a filtered water system that reduces the carbon footprint of H20 consumption. Others include bottled and plumbed water cooler filtration options – perfect for either home or office.

Wonderful water trailers

Events are one of the most environmentally taxing instances around. Throngs of consumers, bulk energy use – and drinking water in hot demand amongst the multitudes. Enter a water trailer to tip such environmental depletion on its head. 

A water trailer places free hydration at the fingertips of event-goers, anytime they like. Water trailers sport smart features like five bubblers, that dispensing cool filtered water – eliminating the need for plastic cups. Then there are taps allowing people to refill their own water bottles. So the ‘take a plastic water bottle, drink then trash it’ mentality has no place. Water trailers carry serious green cred for events, festivals and concerts. Especially as these savvy filtered water systems connect to any tap without hassle.

A fine filtered water system for family or office

At home or at work, people need handy hydration. Here is where a filtered water system really shines. And these need not cost the environment. Tranquil Water offers two clever choices of filtered water system, being:

Plumbed filtered water system: connects straight to the main water supply then filters out any tap water nasties. No bottles, no plastic – just a ceaseless supply of pure crisp water. So everyone benefits, including the environment

Bottle filtered water system: a reduced carbon footprint depends on minimal plastic. Yet a wholly recyclable and re-usable bottled water cooler goes a long way towards environmentally conscious plastic use. Tranquil Water’s bottle filtered water system hands you a plastic decanter to be filled with simple tap water. Through the savvy system, water is duly filtered and voila  – pure, tasty water is available on tap. A removable lid even allows the filter bottle to double as a jug. What a refreshing idea.

Want to hydrate without eroding the environment? Check out the choice of responsible filtered water systems. If you are throwing a big event, be sure to consider a water trailer to bump up your green cred. Or look into plumbed or bottle filtered water systems for home or office. Whatever your needs, Tranquil Water has a solution to match. Speak to this environmentally focused team today on (02) 9556 1866.