Fresh water for events, festivals and fairs


Are you looking for a bottled water company that can satisfy all your event water needs? Look no further, because Tranquil Water is your one stop water shop!

Whether your company needs individual bottled water, water coolers with 15L bottles, a plumbed solution or a bespoke water trailer, we have got you covered.

Who needs water for events?

Our clients are very varied and include councils, schools and universities, festivals and fairs, expos and exhibitions, corporate events and even private parties. No matter how large or small your event, we can tailor the perfect fresh drinking water package to suit your budget.

What kind of water can you provide?

Our pure natural spring water is sourced from the pristine national park at Kulnura on the NSW, Central Coast and is bottled fresh at our own plant. We can provide this delicious fresh drinking water to you via individual water bottles and bottled water that sits on top of our water coolers. Water coolers do require access to power, so are best for indoor events.

If you are organising an outdoor event then our custom built water trailer for events is the way to go. This highly affordable option means that many of your patrons can drink from the bubblers and fill their water bottles at once. Our special trailers simply hook up to a regular tap and instantly filter the water so that it is safe for drinking.

To find out how we can help you and your event. Call our friendly team on (02) 9556 1866  or send us a quick note via our contact form.