From water flows cooler office productivity


Anything truly worth yakking about in the office is chewed over at the water cooler. Yet while eager chatters are exchanging news they are also undertaking an activity that adds directly to their productivity. It is no secret that regular imbibing of ‘Adam’s Ale’ offers essential hydration. Leading to greater focus, energy and well-being. All of which makes for a revitalised focussed workforce. Yet with rigorous daily toil at the office it’s all too easy for staff to forget to fill up their cups. Unless water is easily to hand that is! Make a handsome H20 statement in your office by placing a water cooler at its heart.

Tranquil Water has a host of coolers to match your office space, needs and style. Choose from:

  • Pristine white water coolers
  • Sleek titanium water coolers
  • Smart stainless steel water coolers with an inbuilt fridge option
  • Chic white or grey bench top water coolers
  • Elegant ceramic bench top dispenser

Yet refreshing freedom of choice does not end there. With a variety of cooler heights, rent or buy options and a range of bottle capacities. Tranquil Water brings fluid flexibility on tap. Speaking of taps, your office water cooler is generally available with inbuilt Cool and Cold taps. Yet the offer of Hot and Cold taps is also available in some models.

Now does that quench your thirst for handy H2O at the swift press of a tap? How about this to keep your cup flowing over. Tranquil Water is a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated company. So you have all the peace of mind that comes from purely local transactions. Should you find an office water cooler at a price that beats Tranquil Water’s? Just call 9556 1866 to negotiate as Tranquil Water will trounce all competitor prices. Meanwhile you will enjoy a lifetime manufacturer warranty and servicing on rented coolers for your office space. Or should you make this a cool purchase, your office water cooler will come complete with a 1 year warranty. Oh and don’t forget free delivery on almost all Tranquil Water coolers.

Pure spring water from Kulnara National Park delivered direct to your door. Now that is sure to make your office cooler in an instant.