Get your Kids Drinking Water


It can often be hard to get your children to drink enough healthy spring water – even in summer because they require so much more.

As they’re in the crucial stages of their youth, not drinking enough water can be seriously detrimental to their ongoing health and well-being.

With a bottled water cooler at home you can keep a closer eye on how much your children are drinking (or not drinking!) and encourage them to drink more. For starters, kids love cold water after running around because it’s refreshing.

Having a Tranquil Water cool and cold water cooler unit means your family can choose to have room temperature water or cold water – right out of the cooler!

To really get them churning through that bottled water, try making ice cubes or shaved ice. Put a drop of cordial in each ice cube when you freeze them and then watch the drinks change colour as the ice melts!

Not only will you kids love the novelty, it’s sweet without using too much sugar-loaded cordial. Similarly, you can shave ice and pour water and cordial over the top to make a tasty and refreshing slushy – a favourite of children everywhere!

Of course, the simplest thing to do this summer is make sure you have plenty of bottled water stocked up and ready, plus educate your children about their health and why it’s important to drink water.