Grab that bottle of water!


One of the most underestimated aspects of ones good health and well being is drinking enough water.

Most people drink water when they feel thirsty, which more often than not, means our bodies are greatly dehydrated and are letting us know that we need water now. Should you water your plants when they wither and look thirsty?

Two thirds of our body weight is made of water, and the average human needs about 2 litres of water per day, more if exercising or in hot weather.

Drinking water helps not only clean our internal systems, but keep us feeling young and energetic. So if you haven’t got that bottle of water on your desk as you’re reading this, I suggest now is a good time to start.

In addition, water is the most underrated aspect of weight loss. Water is a natural appetite suppressant. Do NOT underestimate the power of this statement. Lack of water can lead to over-eating. You brain does not differentiate between hunger and thirst.

So, when you think you are feeling hungry, your body may in fact be signaling to you that you are thirsty! If you are not consuming enough water each day and you feel hunger pains, chances are, your body really is crying out for water.

In many instances people will find what they thought were hunger pangs were in fact satisfied by water. Try it! You have nothing to lose, except some weight.

All Caffeinated drinks also cause the body to lose water. They are what’s known as diuretics as they cause your body to dehydrate. You will do your body an enormous favour by cutting back. For every cup of coffee you drink you will need to drink another TWO glasses of water to counter the diuretic effect.