Health Benefits of Water


Drinking water is absolutely essential to the human body as water makes up about 75% of our bodies. If we make sure that the water we consume is pure spring water, we can without a doubt experience amazing health benefits.

Your body expels water in many different ways that you may not take into consideration when thinking about your bottled water intake.

Our lungs, for example, expel between two and four cups of water each day through normal breathing and even more on a cold day. Sweating and urinating also amount to loss of fluid from your body.

Pure spring water is the best way to replenish your body and replace fluid lost from normal bodily functions. When you sufficiently hydrate your body with at least eight glasses of water per day you feel alert, have regular bowel movements and prevent many diseases from forming.

Other drinks such as tea, juice and soft drinks can contribute to your daily liquid intake. However water is the best choice as it has no calories or added sugar and is the best for quenching thirst.

Having a quality water cooler delivered to your home or office makes it easier to remember to drink water. If you walk past it regularly you can stop and fill your glass or water bottle and take it back to your desk.

The Tranquil Water team are currently offering 15 litres of natural spring water delivered free to your door. That’s less than 60 cents a litre for a range of health benefits for your family and office!