How to Stay Hydrated During a Workout


Since our bodies perspire a great deal during a workout, it is essential to stay well-hydrated.

If we are not hydrated, we cannot exercise as vigorously as we should so all that effort is lost. Because water lost through sweat during exercise comes from blood plasma, a person who becomes dehydrated, will feel dizzy, weak and nauseous due to a drop in total blood volume, or low blood pressure.

Heat stroke may be the end result of exercising without keeping properly hydrated.

Never drink anything with lots of caffeine in it before exercising. Caffeine causes the body to lose precious fluid that it will need.

If you play sports, always sip some water during the breaks, but never guzzle a large amount of really cold water. The results will be nasty cramps in the stomach that will hinder your game or exercise.

Bottled Water Coolers are great in allowing you to chose between hot, cold or cool water temperatures.

If you are working out, experts claim that a glass of water every fifteen minutes is what your body needs. If that seems too much, a smaller amount more often may be better for you.

Of course you need to drink a glass before you start as well. This will help to boost your energy levels. Keep away from those drinks that are high in sugars though, or your work out won’t have the desired result.