Important reasons to stay hydrated


Your body depends on water to stay alive, so it’s vitally important that you stay hydrated every single day.

Do you know that when you begin to feel thirsty your body is already too dehydrated? Try to sip on pure spring water throughout the day to make sure this doesn’t happen. Tranquil Water bottled water is the perfect choice as it’s naturally sourced from Kulnara on the NSW south coast and quickly bottled to maintain freshness.

Being dehydrated is actually a very serious medical condition and should be avoided. Some of the symptoms include; dry mouth, sleepiness or fatigue, headaches, confusion and in extreme circumstances, no tears.

Apart from the medical reasons, there are also many health and vanity reasons to drink plenty of pure natural spring water. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • It boosts brain power! Studies have shown that a well hydrated person can think more clearly.
  • It helps with weight management. Don’t confuse hunger with thirst or you will pile on the pounds!
  • It will improve your mood. Studies have shown that you get less headaches when well hydrated.
  • It plumps your skin. Which makes you look more youthful – enough said!

Get in touch with Tranquil Water today to find out how we can deliver fresh spring water straight to your door.