Inspired festival water hire


Drinking water fountain: the oasis of any event. Festivals are thirsty work. And no-one will tell you this more resoundingly than festival-goers. So if you are a festival organiser it is time to turn on the water works. Tranquil Water can help. We can hire you a water trailer complete with drinking water fountains.

Drinking water fountain – a festival favourite

Pristine filtered water at the touch of a button. Now that will draw as many crowds as your festival itself. Hire one of our water trailers and you will find four bubbling drinking water fountains come as standard. Festival-goers can simply grab a gulp of refreshing water in passing. Or they can fill their water bottle from the conveniently appointed drinking water fountains on your water trailer. What could be more swift and simple? You needn’t worry about spillage either. Drip trays send excess water packing into smart collection tanks. So your festival won’t be marred by a wet muddy area around the water trailer.

Cup-free festival water hire

Now while a steady stream of crisp pure water causes festival-goers to celebrate, the environment usually groans. After-all traditional festival water hire comes hand in glove with pesky plastic cups. But our innovative drinking water fountain technology does away with all that. Your festival green cred will soar as you serve water with not even a scrap of plastic.

Drinking water fountains allow sippers to drink directly from the bubbler. No hands. No cups. No waste. So the environment and environmentally conscious can breathe a huge sigh of relief. And your festival carbon footprint can be happily marginalised.

What if some festival-goers prefer to fill up their own water bottles from the drinking fountain? No problem. They can refill their recyclable water bottles to their heart’s content without generating waste. Doesn’t that sound delicious.

For inspired festival water hire contact Tranquil Water today. Hire our water trailer complete with four drinking water fountains online today or  just call us on 9556 1866.