Keep your water intake up during Winter


Not drinking water this Winter? Just because it’s not 40 degrees, there’s no reason not to be!

In fact, drinking water in Winter is just as important as ever. While your body does not dehydrate as quickly in cool weather, water serves many other functions that do not stop during the cooler months.

Water is necessary in keeping your body functioning properly, as well as flushing your system from toxins. In this way, water is great for sickness, acne and weight loss.

We typically eat more during the winter also. Because drinking lots of quality spring water has so much benefit in weight loss, it is highly important to keep up your intake: otherwise you’ll be a bit heavier when summer rolls around and it’s time for the beach!

Drinking a glass of water before meals makes you less likely to eat too much or gorge, while keeping you healthy so that your body properly breaks down all your foods. So a couple of glasses of water could really save your Summer!

If you eat bad foods, water is also a great natural way to flush your body. It’s perfect for starting a diet or detox, and many plans will often advise you to drink lots of water during the first few days of a process like this.

The best way to keep up your intake is to have a cold and cool water cooler and a good supply of bottled water in your home or office. We are far more likely to drink water if it’s handy and accessible, and nothing beats a water cooler for this! Your kids will love it, and the cold and cool options mean that you can drink your water at a warmer temperature during winter.

Read more about water and weight loss, or get in touch now about ordering bottled water for your home or office. Your colleagues or family will thank you for it!