Meet your full service water cooler company


Water coolers across Sydney and selected areas. Trust Tranquil Water for cool convenient H20 where you need it most. Whether you want the quintessential company water cooler or handy hydration in your home. Hit on our water cooler hire for an inspired idea.

Need a little sweetener? When you order a water cooler from our company right now you will get an added quencher. Three free bottles of pure pristine spring water from Kulnara National Park. Could you drink to that? Let’s talk water cooler hire today. Or perhaps read on to learn a little more about our water cooler company.

Hot choices in water cooler hire

Whatever your home or office décor. Whatever your design preferences. Tranquil Water has water cooler hire to satisfy. Hydration minded Sydney homes and offices delight in our choice of:

  • White or beige water cooler
  • Titanium water cooler
  • Stainless steel water cooler with optional fridge
  • White benchtop water cooler
  •  Ceramic benchtop dispenser
  • View all our water coolers here

Choice flows freely with our water cooler hire. Besides great looks, you also have your preference of cool and cold tap or hot and cold tap combinations.

Water cooler hire for your event

Events are thirsty work. But Tranquil Water, your innovative water cooler company, has event hydration covered. We offer convenient casual water cooler hire for events, festivals and more. Want an oasis of water cool hire benefits? Talk to Tranquil Water today. You can rest easy that our coolers will perform, whether you buy or hire. Because each hired water cooler comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and servicing. Meanwhile every purchased cooler hands you a one year warranty.

Found water cooler hire at a better price? Tranquil Water will beat all competitor prices – just so long as we’re comparing apples with apples. Call us on 9556 1866 to negotiate your top water cooler hire rate. Or to make the most of your handy Sydney water cooler hire options.