Mineral Water and Spring Water


Many people are unsure about the two different types of bottled water that are available to consumers in Australia; spring water and mineral water.

There are a few major differences in the two water sources; mostly to do with their origin, bottling process, taste and mineral content.

Spring water is collected directly from a spring after it has risen from underground. It must be bottled at the source. Spring Water is regulated in most countries so that it meets hygiene standards, and may be treated further to adhere to pollution regulations.

Mineral water emerges from under the ground before flowing over rocks. It is then collected, resulting in much higher content of various minerals. It can’t be treated, as spring water can be, except to remove grit and dirt.

According to the BBC, different brands of spring and mineral waters have differing amounts of minerals depending on their source.

There are many arguments between experts and the public about which type of water is better for you, but most agree that spring water is the best. Others also argue that tap water is just as good as either mineral or spring water, though it certainly doesn’t receive the same treatment that Tranquil’s Water undergoes!

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