Natural spring water, fresh to your office


If you are a business owner, then naturally you want a spring in the step of your employees! Other than their work environment, pay rates and colleagues there is another way to get them refreshed and read y to work productively. Provide them with unlimited fresh drinking water via a Tranquil natural spring water cooler.

Tranquil Water are the water cooler experts.

Look no further than Tranquil Water for all your spring water and water cooler needs. They have a comprehensive range of water coolers to suit all budgets and office styles. Whether you need white, stainless steel or titanium Tranquil will source it and deliver it straight to your office. Choose from freestanding, bench top water coolers or even styles with a built in bar fridge – the choice is yours!

All their quality water coolers are topped with individual bottled water containers that are filled with 100% natural spring water sourced from the pristine Kulnara National Park on NSW Central Coast in Australia. It is then expertly bottled at their state-of-the-art plant and delivered directly to your home or office doorstep.

Why do I need a water cooler for my office?

There are many benefits for providing natural spring water for your employees. Here are just a few positive reasons:

  • Increased mental and physical productivity due to proper hydration.
  • Better work relations between employees after a bit of water cooler socialisation.
  • Less sick days as the water cooler is hygienic and every human body needs adequate hydration!
However, the best news has been saved for last. The team at Tranquil Water are so confident in their water cooler and bottled water products that they are willing to negotiate all advertised prices just so that you will try their fantastic products! Simply give them a call on (02) 9556 1866 today.