Office Water Cooler Benefits


Oh what a feeling it is to be hydrated. Here is where a humble office water cooler can be one of your biggest business brags. After all, H20 is a supremely versatile substance and one on which we all depend. Interested in an office water cooler that comes hand in glove with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and servicing? Speak to Tranquil Water first.

To give you just a taste of what an office water cooler can do for your business, consider available tap configurations. Tranquil Water office water coolers let you select either a cool and cold tap combo or a hot and cold tap combo. What a host of opportunities either combination presents.

Just watch the hot water flow from your office water cooler as staff trade in an out-of-office coffee break. Why spend cash on takeaway lattes or chai teas when you can have your choice of hot bevvy without waiting in line, they’ll realise. All it takes is their favourite coffee mug and a trip to the office water cooler. Pop in a tea bag, sachet or a spoonful of coffee, milo or hot chocolate and put the hot water tap to work. Now there is a savvy way to cut downtime otherwise spent by your team getting caffeinated or replete.

Come lunchtime and the hot water tap on our office water cooler again springs into action. Out will come the cuppa soups, noodles, miso sachets and much more. Full bellies, warm steaming cuisine and a much more energised engaged workforce. All thank to the office water cooler.

Not to pour cold water on such comforting thoughts but the cool or cold water dispenser options are equally appealing. The benefits of adequate hydration in hot weather are well documented. Sharper focus, better stamina and improved engagement to name just a few. Just turn to your office water cooler for a cold drink of pure Australian spring water.

Think office water coolers are only good for drinks and cup noodles? Think again. Your office water cooler can be an incredible ally should an office mishap occur. Trust the hot tap to deliver instant safe pristine hot water for cleaning minor injuries or sterilising apparatus.

Visit anytime to check out or order. Remember too that we price match every competitor price on comparative office water coolers.