Office water cooler: the centrepoint


Water cooler hire with Tranquil Water gets great office health flowing. The office water cooler is much more than a great place to meet and chat (though it is still ideal for this purpose too!). But perhaps you hadn’t considered that water cooler hire can add directly to your business bottom line. Because great hydration keeps staff more focused, alert and engaged. All of which is great for productivity.

Hydrate for success with Australian water cooler hire

When you hire an office water cooler with Tranquil Water you nab yourself a host of benefits, like:

  • Positioning yourself as a responsible employer through the provision of 100 per cent pure natural Australian water for staff drinking pleasure
  • Ultimate hydration ease as employees enjoy fresh water on tap whenever they like. A quick refill at the office water cooler and they can get back to work thirst-free
  • Well positioned social hub as staff can gather and enjoy a brief chat while they hydrate
  • Enhance your office green cred by doing away with water bottles stored in the fridge. Plus staff can fill their own reusable drinking vessels at the office water cooler.

Tranquil water: optimum office water cooler options

Every office is different. So Tranquil Water offers a range of water coolers for hire. There is certain to be a water cooler in our range to suit your office needs. Whichever water cooler solution you choose, each Tranquil Water option comes with the choice of:

  • Cool and cold tap combo; or
  • Hot and cold tap combo

You can rest easy that our office water coolers are as trusty as their water is tasty. Because every Tranquil Water cooler you hire comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty and servicing. Plus we ensure you never pay too much for your office water cooler hire. Tranquil Water will beat all competitor prices – so you can enjoy the best office water cooler at the best price. Call us today on 9556 1866 for the coolest water cooler hire choices around.