Office water delivery Alexandria


As a bustling inner city Sydney suburb, Alexandria NSW is aglow with business offices of all kinds. Wherever there are offices there are staff that need hydration. Tranquil Water ensures this vital box is ticked with convenient reliable water delivery Alexandria. Now any Alexandria office can have all its bottled water requirements delivered direct to its door – absolutely free of charge.

A healthy hydrated workforce is critical to office productivity, reputation and staff care. After all, every staff member is also a human being so a ready supply of fresh safe drinking water is a must. Tranquil Water has a rich array of bottled water solutions, all of which hydrate your office with our signature premium drinking water.

All Tranquil Water bottled water comes straight out of Kulnara National Park on the NSW central coast. Few spots beat Kulnara for its unspoilt natural resources and beauty. What is more, like our bottled water solutions, Tranquil Water is wholly Australian owned and operated. That means homegrown quality you can trust.

Whatever the specific needs of your office, Tranquil Water has a bottled water solution to match. Whether it is handy water packs containing your choice of 600ml or 1.5L bottles or 15L bottles that you can use in tandem with our host of water coolers.

Environmental consciousness is something every business is called on to have these days. Tranquil Water gives you a big helping hand in this regard. We offer a range of BPA free bottles to ensure safe drinking vessels. These are made of P.E.T polymer plastic too, no bottle interferes with the smell, taste or healthfulness of our water. Meanwhile we use strictly recyclable bottles to minimise our environmental footprint and that of your office.

Do you have an office in Alexandria that could benefit from fresh meticulously filtered Australian spring water? Look no further than Tranquil Water. Check out our range on or give us a call direct on 02 9556 1866 to discuss your delivery requirements