What a difference office water delivery makes


Office water delivery professionals are slaking thirst all over Sydney. Tranquil Water is your city specialist in office water delivery. This dehydration-busting team makes daily delivery runs to the Sydney CBD – absolutely free of charge. With five trucks on the road everyday, we have inner Sydney and surrounding suburbs covered for all their H20 needs. Best yet we have a steady stream of special offers as a spoonful of sugar to make our premium Adam’s Ale slide down just that much sweeter.

Join Tranquil Water today and you get a very cool deal on white water cooler rental. You will get a lot of free perks when you order eight bottles per month for your office. Try on free white water cooler rental worth $99, two 15L bottles absolutely free of charge and 100 percent free office water delivery every day. Plus you can get your pick of 15L water bottles for just $10.50 too.

Don’t quite need eight bottles per month in your office? We still make office water delivery a stroke of brilliance. How does 50 percent of white water cooler rental sound for starters? Then of course there the free 15L water bottles absolutely free and our free office water delivery every day. You’ll also get 15L water bottles for only $10.50, just so long as you order a minimum of two bottles per month.

You will also get 50 percent off cooler rental for the first year. That means the cool/cool cooler can be yours for only $49.50 for the first year of your rental. Or the cold/hot combo is more your speed, you will pay only $60 for the initial 12 months.

Keeping an office hydrated is not only a responsible thing to do – it is essential. You need a focused engaged workforce to do business well. To be an employer of choice, you also need to show you care about your team. Tranquil Water office water delivery allows you to achieve all of this while keeping vital cash flow in your business. Find out more by visiting tranquilwater.com.au or calling us today on 02 9556 1866.