Plumbed water coolers bear brilliant fruit


Plumbed water coolers are a stroke of genius. We all know the importance of good hydration. So what if you could have pure filtered drinking water right at your fingertips? Plumbed water coolers give you such touch-button convenience plus a jolly refreshing beverage to boot. Don’t forget to ask Tranquil Water about their free free installation, delivery and service maintenance on all plumbed water coolers too.

Here’s how plumbed water coolers work. As the name suggests, your water cooler’s plumbed directly into the main water supply of your home or office – wherever you are placing your hydration station. Worried about tap water impurities, contaminants or other nasties sneaking into your Adam’s ale? Put your worries aside because plumbed water coolers put innovative filters to work. No tap water terrors get by Tranquil Water’s advanced filtration system which comes as standard with all plumbed water coolers. Once your plumbed water cooler is in place, so too is fresh filtered water on demand. No waiting for water bottle deliveries, no running out of cooler water – and no plastic bottles to erode your green cred either. It really is that simple.

Plumbed water coolers are the ultimate home or office accessory. These ingenious coolers bring a bunch of added benefits including:

  • Providing pure healthy hydration in an instant
  • Promoting true hydration through water rather than soft drink or juice
  • Ensuring staff and family alike have immediate access to tasty filtered water

Or perhaps you’d like to weigh up a fresh highly affordable alternative? Try Tranquil Water’s innovative inbuilt seven-stage bottle filtration system. This nifty process hands you all the thirst-quenching appeal of pure filtered water with all the convenience of a bottled water cooler. All you need do is pop your bottle atop the water cooler and fill this with humble tap water.  It is super simple – just use a jug to file the filter bottle. That’s all it takes to enjoy crisp clean filtered water. Smart? You said it.

Think filtered and plumbed water coolers couldn’t get any cooler? Tranquil Water has one more benefit that cements both water coolers as the ‘new cool’ in hydration. Every filtered and plumbed water cooler comes with a lifetime warranty. Because water coolers are an investment in lifestyle – so you deserve to be fully covered should you hit any snags. But that really isn’t likely at all. Speak to Tranquil Water today to get filtered plumbed water coolers in place for your family, staff or even just yourself.