Refresh with a filtered water system


Are you looking for a filtered water system? Now there is fresh thinking for you. Imagine the convenience and health benefits of having safe, pure drinking water at the touch of a button. That is what a plumbed water system will give you – plus plenty more.

Homes and offices alike can benefit from an innovative filtered water system. After all, wherever there are people there is a call for cold crisp filtered water. Family or staff members will soon be singing your praises for having clean refreshing drinking water on tap. Yet satisfied thirsty sippers are not the only ones to benefit from a plumbed water system. Tranquil Water plumbed water cooler filtration:

  • Delivers a ceaseless supply of premium drinking water: our sophisticated filtered water system eliminates impurities and contaminants to ensure drinkers consume the purest H20 every time
  • Protects the environment: plumbed straight into the main water supply, our filtered water system needs no plastic bottles. So those needing to quench their thirst can do so while keeping environmental footprint to a minimum
  • Slash drinking water supply time: no time to wait for water bottle refills or delivery? A plumbed water system is the ideal choice for water on demand with no delays
  • Providing premium drinking water comes down to responsibility, especially in a workplace. Organisations can go a long way to satisfying health and safety plus staff welfare requirements. Simply by installing a filtered water system.

For families, a plumbed water system keeps loved ones happily hydrated. All while teaching kids the value of swapping soft drinks or sugary juices for pure fresh water.

A filtered water system has so many benefits to recommend it. Especially when you select a Tranquil Water plumbed filtration system. Get one of these systems in place and you’ll enjoy free installation, delivery and service maintenance. Plus, in the unlikely event that you hit any glitches with your filtered water system you still have no worries. Because every Tranquil Water plumbed system comes covered by a lifetime warranty.