Reverse osmosis or natural spring water?


Modern water drinkers are spoilt for choice. There are seemingly so many different forms that once-humble H20 can take. Two of the most popular are natural spring water and reverse osmosis water. These are also two of the most talked-about forms. Much discussion focuses on which is better: natural spring water or reverse osmosis water. Fortunately this debate is easy to put to bed. In the purity and goodness stakes, natural spring water reigns supreme. Let’s take a closer look to see why.

Spring water is the natural choice

Spring water is naturally good. Good for you and good for the environment. This is water in its purest form.  Now certainly processes like reverse osmosis strip most contaminants out of water. But have you ever wondered what else reverse osmosis eliminates? This is an important question to ask, especially as the answer can have a direct impact on your health. 

Reverse osmosis water:

  • Strips out vital minerals – you get less or no calcium and magnesium
  • Reduces hydration benefits – suddenly drinking water is less advantageous
  • Actually introduces toxic residue – plastic membrane filtering leaves its mark
  • Has high acidity levels  – so your body expends key minerals to rebalance your blood pH
  • Wastes water through back-flushing – purification processes send much valuable H20 down the drain

In short, when you drink reverse osmosis water, you get less goodness. Contrast this with natural spring water, which minimises human intervention to remain pure and nourishing. Especially when you hydrate with Tranquil Water.

Taste true natural spring water

Tranquil Water really does deliver on its name. You can rest completely easy that you are replenishing your body of all important minerals, hydration and nourishment. Tranquil Water is sourced from Australia’s pristine Kulnara National Park. Our 100 per cent Australian owned and operated spring water company does it all. We source our natural spring water, bottle it ourselves and even take care of delivery too. Not only does Tranquil Water keep every drop honest in terms of mineral content, purity and goodness – it tastes amazing too.

So there you have it. Natural spring water is a beverage that truly is worth a cheer. Undoubtedly, alternatives like reverse osmosis water have points in their favour. But on balance, natural spring water is a resounding winner in the nourishment, health and flavor stakes. Savour a sip today.