Stay healthy with water


We all know that drinking natural water is good for us and that our bodies are made up of 75% water. But what are the exact health benefits of staying hydrated?

A healthy body has a specific pH level which can only be maintained by drinkingfresh spring water. Not enough water and the acid/alkali builds up which can lead to serious health issues.

Stress, an unbalanced lifestyle and environmental pollution all add to the toxins within our system which can affect every part of our bodies.

Staying hydrated will increase energy levels, help short-term memory and help regulate metabolism. Drinking lots of water can stop headaches and even reduce the aging process by keeping our skin youthful.

Hydration is a special concern for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding and drinking extra water will ensure they replace fluids lost during nursing.

It is so important to make sure that you keep a well-balanced, hydrated body during the day. Most of us wait until we are parched to have a drink of water, but by the time our brains register that we are thirsty our bodies are already 30% dehydrated.

There is no substitute for healthy natural water. Flavoured drinks and ‘health waters’ contain a lot of sugars which can build up in the body. Other popular beverages such as tea, coffee and alcohol are diuretics which actually squeeze the water out of the body, actually having more of a dehydrating affect on the brain.

Water is a nutrient and is a rich source of minerals, helping your body to absorb and digest other nutrients and vitamins.

The main beneficial minerals found in water are fluoride, calcium and magnesium. Fluoride prevents tooth decay. Calcium strengthens bones, teeth, hair and nails. Magnesium is needed for hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, such as steadying heart rhythm and maintaining muscle and nerve function.

A major misconception is that water intake is only important in humid conditions. During the summer months the heat and humidity take out a lot of water from our bodies as we perspire, get thirsty quicker and spend time in air conditioning. Having a bottled water cooler handy in your home can ensure that your whole family maintains their water intake.

However, whatever the weather it is always important to stay hydrated. The winter months are also very dehydrating as well, as we sit with heating on which has a drying affect on the skin. The cold, dry conditions also affect the way our brains process thirst which is why we don’t feel as parched during the winter, although we are just as dehydrated.

Hydration lifts our energy and general health levels up, keeping illness and germs at bay and strengthening our immune system overall.

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