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A new year of pure natural spring water consumption us upon us. As 2015 kicks off Tranquil Water proudly upholds its commitment to being Sydney’s most cost-competitive bottled water provider. You still cannot find a Blue Mountains Spring Water solution cheaper than a matching Tranquil Water solution. And since Blue Mountains Spring Water is one of our key competitors we are as happy about this as we hope you will be. Yet the new year has also necessitated a review of Tranquil Water prices. Yes, our prices have increased a little but in comparison to our competitors’ pricing we remain the most affordable bottled water delivery service. Our price increases do not reflect a desire to charge you more. Rather, these reflect our efforts to work harder, longer and more untiringly to deliver you Sydney’s best bottled spring water solutions.


We genuinely value each and every one of our customers. Whether you are a company, event organiser or private homeowner we appreciate your custom. Understandably price increases are always unwelcome. Yet as our cost of business has also increased we’ve had to bring Tranquil Water pricing more into line with current realities. But we have not taken this lightly.  In reviewing our prices, Tranquil Water has made every effort to keep increases marginal. We have looked at not just our own pricing but also those of our competitors, like Blue Mountains Spring Water. 

Price increases are always unfortunate. Yet you can rest assured that at Tranquil Water we make every effort to uphold your top value for money. You’ll still find plenty of those trademark special offers and free conveniences when you choose Tranquil Water. Like free daily bottled water delivery throughout Sydney city. Plus you’ll enjoy service and quality that many of our competitors like Blue Mountain Spring Water find hard to beat.

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