Water cooler delivery to the Sydney region


Tranquil Water has a large range of water coolers to suit all types of homes and offices and with different finishes, sizes and prices.

Let’s go through the range so you can decide what kind of water cooler would be best for your needs.

White, stainless steel and titanium water coolers: These are available in cool and cold tap and hot and cold tap configurations. Perfect for the home, office or home office! You’ll never be thirsty again with one of these affordable options.

Stainless steel water cooler with fridge: These are available in hot and cold tap configuration only. The clever design with the handy fridge below the water bottle is just perfect for tight spaces.

White or grey benchtop water cooler: These coolers conveniently sit right on your bench top so perfect for homes or offices with very little floor space. They are easy to clean and can still hold the big 11L or 15L bottles, making them great value for money.

Ceramic water cooler: Most popular with our residential customers as they are very affordable with a one-off refundable deposit of $40. Then you only pay for the water as you need it!

No matter which water cooler you are after, look no further because we have got them all, and can arrange a speedy delivery for the best possible price. Call us today for a free quote and to negotiate a deal!