Water cooler hire for hydrated youngsters


Soft drinks, cordials, fruit juice. Once kids discover such palate-pleasing ales the demand for good old fashioned ‘Adam’s ale’ certainly plummets. But humble water hydrates like no other beverage can – and there is no substitute for its natural goodness. So do you need some splashes of inspiration for getting kids to swap sugary drinks for H20? How about bottled water or water cooler hire?

Imagine doing away with all those age-old (yet sometime justified) resistances. Like “l don’t like the taste of water”. There are a couple of great alternatives at your disposal. Take bottled water for example. Pure natural Australian spring water like that provided by Tranquil Water is sure to win over little taste-buds. Get a bulk pack of bottled water in 600ml or 1.5L to keep cool in your fridge. As if drinking from a ‘grown up’ bottle isn’t thrill enough, the fresh clean flavour of this bottled water is sure to be recognised as a treat.

Alternatively why not put fresh chilled water on tap at your place? Team our larger bottled water solutions with handy water cooler hire. With a vast range of stylish base options or even bench-top dispensers, our water cooler hire makes rehydrating a simple case of ‘help thyself’.

Now that you have the solutions – it’s time to get creative. Transform your bottled water and water cooler hire into a hydration adventure for kids. Show them how to fill their own special sipper bottle with cool refreshing water. Or pep up your H20 with some fresh lime or orange slices – even a dash of newly picked mint. Why not make home-made ice blocks during summer for a really exciting treat. Fresh water with a hint of fruit – delicious!

Of course the most powerful way to get kids to drink water is to return to a well-known truth. Kids love to mimic grown-ups. So the best way to lead your kids to drinking water is to lead by example. Make water your main family beverage. Tranquil Water’s bottled water and water cooler hire solutions make it ever so easy. Kids will soon catch on – and your whole family can all reap the benefits of fresh hydrating water. Arrange your bottled water order or water cooler hire by calling Tranquil Water today on (02) 9556 1866.