Water coolers for homes and families


Water coolers for homes are the currency of healthy kids. Little people live busy lives and just like us, can sometimes forget the importance of staying hydrated. Yet water is also the chief regulator of a kid’s body temperature so proper hydration is exceptionally important. Here is where water coolers for homes can help ensure your child gets their daily dose of H20.

As a general rule of thumb, kids up to eight years old should be happily chugging four to five cups of water a day as a bare minimum. Other kids aged eight years+ should up their Adam’s ale to a minimum of six to eight cups. When it comes to keeping up water intake convenience and conspicuous reminders are key. Water coolers for home answer each ask.

What could be more simple (and just a tad of an exciting novelty) than heading to your own in-home water cooler for a crisp cold drink. Kids will love it. Headed out? They can fill up their drink bottle with pure Australian spring water in mere seconds. Water coolers for homes can be placed wherever they will be most handy and visible. Better yet, these nifty gadgets merrily dispense fresh safe tasty water on demand 24/7.

Now at Tranquil Water our water coolers for homes are made for just that setting. No two homes and families are identical so our water coolers come offering plenty of choice. Select a bench-top or free-standing water cooler for your home. You can even get a built-in cooler if that should be your whim. And with hot and cold or cold and cool tap combinations on offer, kids will not be the only ones lapping up the benefits of water coolers for home. You even have a variety of base choices so your water coolers for home fit perfectly with your décor.

Tranquil Water coolers for homes dispense H20 that is:

  • Wholly Australian sourced from pristine Kulnara National Park in NSW
  • Totally sugar-free plus innocent of nasties like bromate that can upset little tummies
  • Tasty which means kids will keep coming back for more


It has never been more delicious for kids to maintain optimum energy, focus, stamina and development. Speak to Tranquil Water today about water coolers for homes or order online anytime at tranquilwater.com.au .