Need water for events? Tranquil can help.


Water is one of life’s necessities. It is refreshing, life-sustaining and quenching, so it stands to reason that it should be readily available at all events. No matter the size, the occasion or the weather, every event organiser is aware of the importance of water for events. Water is needed at corporate picnics, social events, formal occasions and any other gathering. In fact, water for events is almost a social responsibility.

At Tranquil Water, we live and breathe water. Whatever the need, we have the solution.

  • A hire water trailer is a brilliant choice for events. Parched event attendees can drink directly from water bubblers or fill bottles with cool, filtered water.
  • A hire water trailer offers the convenience of a mobile water system that connects easily to taps for fast and continuous supply of drinking water.
  • The hot Australian sun is not only a source of extreme thirst, but of dangerous UV rays. A hire water trailer from Tranquil Water comes with the shady comfort of large awnings.

Simply put, if you need a hire water trailer, you need us. A water trailer is not the only refreshing option at Tranquil Water. Our solutions are as fluid as our product itself. Water for events can also take the form of bottled water or water coolers. The product remains the same, regardless of the vessel. Fresh, cool water for events, to suit the requirements of your guests, customers or employees.

Water coolers have the flexible option of cold and cool taps, or cold and hot taps. Convenience and refreshment, certainly, but what about visual appeal? Our choice of colours can help detail-driven event planners suit the cooler to the event.

To hire a water trailer, or check out even more of our amazing options for providing water for events, take a look at our website.