Water for events: what a breeze


Water trailer for hire. These four little words should be banked at the forefront of every event organisers thoughts. After all, arranging water for events is more than a ‘nice to do’. It is success- and responsibility- critical. Fortunately Tranquil Water delivers festival water free from fuss. All wrapped up in a fully integrated portable solution – a water trailer for hire.

Supplying water for events just couldn’t be easier – and fresh filtered water at that. Tranquil Water’s water trailer for hire covers all bases with:

  • Four drinking bubblers – event goers can fill up on H20 on the go with a swift drink at the water fountains
  • Water taps – those who want to replenish their own drink bottles can do so as often as they like
  • Sun awnings – hydrating yourself is no time to get an unwanted tan or sunburn! Every water trailer for hire comes with an expansive built in sun shade on either side to shield thirsty quench-seekers from the elements
  • Carefree connectivity – just hook the trailer up to any tap and presto. You’ll have safe filtered drinking water on tap and bubbler. Festival water supply in a flash!

Water for events must go wherever the event is. That’s why Tranquil Water trailers are easily transportable with a tow bar. In fact, your helpful Tranquil Water team will deliver your water trailer to the very spot where you want it stationed – because they figure you’ll have enough to do with an event to run.

Now of course you always wish for bright beautifully sunshiny event weather. But if the elements simply do not smile on your event, depend upon your festival water station to stand and perform strong. Water for events must be on tap whatever the weather. So rest assured your hired water trailer is custom designed and constructed to last. Rain, hail, wind or shine – festival water will flow free and easy with your Tranquil Water trailer.