Water Refill Stations A ‘Must’ At Your Event


Thinking of a water refill station for your event? If you are throwing around this idea you are on to a winner. There are incredible versatility and benefits that a water refill station can bring to your event. But perhaps you are wondering precisely what these are. One of the clearest windows into just how a water refill station can advantage your event is provided by real event examples. Plus the word of event organisers who have put the wonders of a water refill station to work.

Running a large-scale event over several days with throngs of guests to keep hydrated? You have plenty in common with organisers of the IUCN World Park Congress 2014. This landmark global forum was held in Sydney to forge new pathways in conservation and sustainable development. One of the key orders of business for congress organisers was to keep several thousand delegates hydrated throughout the event. For this, organisers enlisted the help of a water refill station – with resounding success.

IUCN World Park Congress senior events coordinator, Laura Hampton said:

‘Thanks for the great service you provided for the World Parks Congress and PlanetFest events. Your trailers kept over 6,000 delegates hydrated with free drinking water over 7 days. What a great way to support a sustainable event.’

High praise indeed for a water refill station. Yet these portable water trailers can deliver just as outstanding benefits for shorter events yet larger crowds. A Tranquil Water refill station kept everyone hydrated with free filtered drinking water at such events as:

Brighton Beachside Dash where runners and spectators alike put both the refiller taps and drink-on-the-spot bubblers to hard work

Marrickville Festival 2011 where over 30,000 event goers kept their fluids up without a hitch in between exploring some 100 street stalls

43rd annual Conception Day at Macquarie University where students worked up a thirst listening several big bands – and quenched their thirst at the water refill station

One of the great benefits of a water refill station is its variety of uses. The Sustainable Event Alliance highlighted one virtue of Tranquil Water’s water refill station as such:

‘Running your event without packaged/bottled water is something all events should aspire to. We are proud to announce our newest supplier member is Tranquil Water, who offer water refill stations to events in Sydney, Australia.’

Events do not have to carry an enormous environmental footprint. Four handy bubblers on the water refill station mean event goers can slurp their fill of fresh filtered water direct from the drinking fountains. No plastic bottles required.

Alternatively you may opt to boost your event’s green cred while still enabling water bottles to be part of the mix. Much like they did at Footprints Ecofestival thanks to a water refill station being in situ:

Leichhardt Council community events coordinator, Costa Atzemis said:

‘The festival was held in Annandale and visitors were encouraged to bring their own water bottle and fill it up at the Tranquil Water Trailer. Very environmentally friendly!’

Ready to put a water refill station to work for your event? Speak to Tranquil Water today about our water delivery services and options. Call 02 9556 1866 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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