Water station on wheels


Throwing an event? Encourage your guests to drink up. We all need 2 litres of water per day, even if we are kicking up our heels at a busy event. So welcome your smart hydration station – a fully portable water trailer hired and delivered to your event by Tranquil Water. It has never been easier to put free drinking water on tap for your guests and in doing so become a responsible event organiser.

Four bubblers for snatching a quick drink on the go. Several taps for filling up water bottles. Two large awnings to protect eager hydraters from the elements as they quench their thirst. Our water tank trailers come fully equipped for thirst-busting. There are even clever collection trays to catch excess water and stop mud-causing spillage in its tracks.

Tranquil Water trailers are ideal for:

  • Community events
  • Carnivals
  • Sports tournaments
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Any event at all!

When you are organising an event you have so many boxes to tick. But our water tank trailers enable you to tick one of the biggest of all. Keeping your guests healthy, hydrated and safe. Dehydration becomes a significant concern in hot, crowded and busy conditions – which describes an event environment to a tee. Including a portable water station as part of your event ‘game plan’ will enhance your green cred too. Cut down on plastic cups and bottles by providing a chance for guests to refresh direct from the taps or re-use their bottles by re-filling.

A Tranquil Water van will deliver your water station direct to your event and place this wherever you like. Once standing in stead, it is a breeze to connect the trailer hose to any taps on-site. The trailer will work its magic and presto – free filtered water appears on demand from the built-in taps and bubblers.

Book your water tank trailer online 24/7 at your convenience. Or give Tranquil Water a call on 02 9556 1866 to learn more about this superb water station solution.