Water trailers keep your crowds flowing


Ahhhh. Clean fresh 100 per cent Australian spring water – few things beat nature’s ultimate beverage at bustling outdoor events. Planning one of these yourself? Rest assured a water trailer will shine as a welcoming beacon to thirsty event-goers.

Water for events made easy

Staying adequately hydrated is more than a luxury – it is a necessity. Particularly at events where the elements, crowds, walking and standing time can zap anyone’s hydration stores. So water trailer hire is a key part of being a responsible caring event host.

Now here is a refreshing thought. When you need water for events, Tranquil Water has your custom solution. Hire our water trailers which are purpose-built for events. Your event-goers will never be short a drop of H20 on demand. Our water trailers invite them to drink directly from four conveniently appointed bubblers. Or guests can simply replenish their own drink bottles from the taps and return to event action. Forget soggy foot-traffic and mini mud-slides around the trailer too. Excess water simply drips into discreet collection tanks to eliminate errant drips.

Refreshing convenience in every water trailer

No doubt about it. Your event-goers will relish slaking their thirst at your handy water trailer. But as host, providing water for events with a Tranquil Water trailer lands you several benefits too:

  • Exceptional ease of delivery: your fully portable water trailer will be towed to your event by a trusty Tranquil Water van and set-up in your appointed spot
  • All-weather operation: with two large awnings on either side, your water trailer
  • One-off daily rate: no hiked-up hourly rates or extra expenses making it oh so affordable to provide water for events
  • Enhanced green cred: with no plastic waste or excess energy use your event will leave a minimised carbon footprint

So there you have it. Quenching natural spring water on tap. Happily hydrated event-goers. Enhanced event host cred. All achieved by your savvy decision to hire a water trailer. The Tranquil Water team helps corporate teams, councils, schools, groups and many others to provide water for events. We would be thrilled to help you too. Simply call us on (02) 9556 1866 or email us today.