Which Water Cooler is right for you?


Everyone has different needs when it comes to choosing a water cooler. Believe it or not, it’s quite a personal decision to make!

At Tranquil Water we have many varieties of water coolers to meet the demands and requirements of our customers. Let us take you through a few of them to help you with your selection.

All water coolers are available in hot/cold and cool/cold versions and can be rented or purchased out-right.

Compressor driven bench top water coolers are great for small or home offices. They take up very little space and their stylish design will suit any decor. They are also very reliable, safe and efficient as well as being super easy to clean!

Round bottle water coolers have been specifically designed to suit contemporary homes or offices. They are designed for serviceability and use UV resistant materials. There’s even a choice of different drip tray and cooler top colours!

Hot and cold water coolers are perfect for offices with a large amount of employees. Giving your staff easy access to both hot and cold water can make their working experience much more enjoyable. They can make tea, soup, coffee and hydrate themselves with a cool glass of water throughout the day and in turn work harder for you!

Cold and cool water coolers are perfect for those that already have access to a kitchen or kettle for boiling water. The ice-cold and room temperature water comes straight from the cooler and refreshes instantly.

With all this choice, it’s easy to see why some customers can get confused when selecting the water cooler that’s right for them.

Tranquil Water are happy to supply you with a suitable water cooler, call today for a free quote, free delivery and 45L of free water with every water cooler rental.