Which Water Suits You?


We all know that we need plenty of water for our body to function the way it should. It hydrates us and flushes impurities out of our systems.

But what sort of water works best for you? Some people believe that vitamin water is far better and healthier for them that ordinary tap water. After all, it contains all those extra minerals and vitamins that the body surely needs. But vitamin water does not contain all the vitamins and minerals that we need, though it does have some.

Then there is flavoured water for all those who think of plain water as bland and boring. The trouble with flavoured water is that it contains a great deal of sugar, and it tastes so nice that we are inclined to drink far more than we should. Remember that sugar also rots teeth and it may take away the appetite so you don’t get the nutrition you need.

What about bottled water? There are two types, spring water and mineral water.

Spring water is collected from a spring, while mineral water has washed over rocks and collected minerals, so is deemed to be healthy due to the high mineral content. Then there is plain old tap water, which we have all been drinking since we were born. All plain water is good for you.