Why is bottled water better?


Ten years ago, hardly anyone bought bottled water. Today you can buy it in virtually every supermarket and convenience store in the country. Sales of bottled water are the fastest growing of any beverage in Australia.

The first thing people notice when they switch from tap water to bottled water is the improved taste and the clarity of the water. Indeed, once they start drinking bottled water on a regular basis, they rarely ever go back to tap water.

Having a hot and cold water cooler also improves your water drinking experience – allowing you to serve water at the temperature you prefer.

Bottled water is free of all the factors that people don’t like about tap water, such as bad tastes and odours. Plus it’s free of all the things you can’t detect that can be very harmful – like bacteria and chemicals. In fact, up to 50 chemicals may be added to tap water in order to “purify” it.